Mix Media/ Installation


FHF plays on materiality and does not like to bind herself to only one process. She has used many innovative techniques and processes using a wide range of materials to put her vision across. she has sucessfully created installations over the years challenging audience perception, senses and experience.

Beyond vision, 2014, installation


Margaret Street School Art,Art based Masters final show exhibition september 2014



This installation was created to reflect my journey through the masters programme. To encase my research and findings on the idea of understanding and narratives. The idea of learning through creative education where you learn and discover, you leave an impression yet you take on knowledge which is then filtered and delivered further in life journeys. The notion of overlapping narratives, different layers and filtering of experiences and recognition, of understanding and of coming together, the concept of perception and judgement as well as discovery and understanding. The hand drawn elements hold time and imperfection, the mark making of individual elements to grow and create a stronger presence.


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