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We're here too, 2018

Aston Hall Museum

Artist Residency

'My artist residency at Aston hall has been quite an experience, from discovering this amazing space crawling with intricate details and pattern, to learning the dark and deep history behind it. It has been fantastic working with the team and immediate community to try and create dialogue and discussion to question the grand stature of such a place and its role towards the community at its door step. 


The challenge of responding to this space in my creative element was quite a journey, the overwhelming feeling of being the ‘other’ upon entering the space gave me incentive to play with, as well as the depiction of women dotted around the hall that left me wondering about the ideals of female presence, beauty and modesty. 


The aim has been to visualise women like myself in questionable spaces, to bind us in the intricacies of the interior, to celebrate the ‘otherness’ with the ‘familiar’ and to let it be known ‘We’re Here too’ 



                                              -FreehandFanatic  2018



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